The use of window film around buildings has many uses and these advantages have become more and more recognised over recent years with the sector showing huge amounts of growth.

At UK Tinting Solutions we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience with dealing in all aspects of film installation from site surveys in the beginning of the process to completing your install with results that will far surpass your initial expectations. Our aim is to work with you and not just for you, believing that its relationships and our quality of service that have seen us grow from strength to strength over the years.



No matter how large or small your business or organisation is, the safety of your employees and the security of your building will always be a number one priority.

That’s why here at UK Tinting Solutions we have a range of safety and security films to help minimise against damage to your property should your windows be subjected to any kind of accidental impact, spontaneous break or unfortunate event such as a smash and grab break in or explosion.

Whilst the window may still crack under these circumstances our specialist films will ensure the glass is contained.

This means any damage which may have been caused to the fabric and fittings of your premises due to flying glass is massively reduced and, of course, more importantly your employees are protected from the risk of serious injury.

All of our specialist films are designed and tested and our experience and expertise means we can help you select the right product for your business or organisation.


Bomb blast protection film

More and more property owners in the UK are taking action to protect their premises from the increasing threat of terrorism.

In the event of an explosion or vandalism, windows and glazing are particularly vulnerable and without the right protection serious damage can occur as a result of flying glass.

Our bomb blast and security films can be fitted to help absorb energy from an explosion and reduce impact on glass.

The specialist films, which are available in a range of thicknesses, work to hold broken glass in one place preventing it from flying out of the frame and therefore massively reducing the risk of injury or damage to property.

Choosing the right film for your property is crucial and our highly qualified team will work with you to make sure the most appropriate product is fitted.


Solar control and energy reduction Solar control and energy reduction

Solar heat and glare are common problems in many offices, workshops and homes and they can create uncomfortable and nuisance conditions for those trying to work.

We’ve all been there, squinting to see our computer screen, closing the blinds mid-morning and boosting up the fans to cool the office down - it’s not pleasant and massively affects productivity.

Our specialist solar control window films however can help improve working conditions all year round by rejecting solar heat and glare whilst still allowing light to pass through.

The films, which can be fitted to all types of glazing, are a very cost efficient way to control temperature and glare and a very effective way to ensure a comfortable working environment for you and your workforce.

Heat fatigue, eye strain and headaches are all common symptoms associated with inadequate control of UV light and can lead to absenteeism.

This simple measure to protect offices and buildings from solar energy can dramatically reduce employee illness and increase productivity.



UK Tinting Solutions has worked with local councils, public and private organisations, retail companies and commercial landlords to provide privacy and decorative window film solutions to offices, schools, shopping centres, leisure outlets, hospitals and other buildings.

We have an extensive range of decorative films including patterned, coloured etched and frosted designs and great care is taken to ensure they are installed to the highest quality.

We also offer tinted and reflective films which can be fitted inside and outside of buildings and have the ability to transform an ordinary and average premises into something rather more special.

Our cost-effective range of privacy films also enables glazing on offices, waiting rooms or other private areas such as gyms, spas, leisure centres or medical facilities to be completely obscured without the need for replacing windows with solid walls.

So whatever your needs we can use our expertise to select the right film for your business or organisation and get the job done - no matter how big or small.



*Frosted film hiding unslightly office essentials.

Quite often it can be difficult to distinguish large glazed areas used to subdivide offices. Large internal internal doors and windows aren’t always clearly visible either if they lack components such as handles and visible frames.

To avoid collisions and possible injury It is therefore essential to make such glazed areas apparent with some form of markings or manifestations.

At UK Tinting Solutions we advise businesses and organisations on appropriate forms of glass identification whether it be company logos or markings in the form of lines or patterns.

Our experienced team take every effort to ensure all designs are installed to a high quality and that they comply with current health and safety regulations.

We work on transparent glass in offices, retail, public and commercial buildings and ensure continuity throughout all our work.


With vehicles containing so much glass, installing clear and tinted safety film is becoming a much more popular option.

We get asked to install safety film to vehicles by our clients for many reasons, the most popular being:

  • - To provide protection for vehicle occupants from fragments of broken glass in the situation of a window being broken.
  • - To provide security from possible break in.
  • - To provide protection from vandalism.
  • - To prevent road rage attacks and smash and grabs.
  • - A requirement of an insurance company

Whatever your reason, we can help.

UK Tinting Solutions have installed clear safety films for the Prison service, Police, Private Security companies, Ambulances, Local governments and many more. Safety and security should always be paramount and our expertise paired with safety films from manufacturers such as 3M, Solargard, and Suntek are an unbeatable solution.


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